The theme for the last week has been patience.  It's really hard to be patient when you are this close to the end of the build.  Move in day is next weekend; can't wait.  In fact, we are both waking up earlier and earlier as if we can speed up the days by fitting more in!

Lots of little finicky things were accomplished this week, like installing the patio doors and all the door hardware, finishing up the shoe mold around the bottom of the baseboard, and marking all the little spots on the walls that will require a final touch up.  Friday was the most exciting though, because the granite arrived for the kitchen, laundry, and master bath.  The installers finally left about 7 p.m. last night, I was starting to think they might never go, and I'll bet they were figuring they'd be here all night.  But when you don't arrive until nearly noon, I guess that's what happens.  Oh well, it all ended well and looks great. I'm waiting until next week to include a photo of that because the faucets aren't in yet and there are boxes of plumbing hardware stacked all over the counters so you wouldn't be able to see much.

This week's chuckle has to do with our illustrious front door which we have deemed the red-neck door.  It is a temporary door as the builder has put the official door under wraps until the trades are done carrying things in and out.  He doesn't want the real door to get damaged, which we greatly appreciate.  However, in the meantime we have a front door with dents in it, painting tape over the deadlock hole, and the door sweep is a piece of plywood that has been nailed to the bottom.  Day light and cold drafts freely cross the threshold, I'm just hoping no mice do.

Kanti is trying really hard to be patient too.  Waiting at the top of the stairs, laying with her nose and paws poking over, hoping that one day soon her owners will not be disappearing into the basement.  Yesterday was a really long day for her as she had to stay in her kennel until the granite installers were gone.  It would have been disastrous to have a german shepherd flinging herself at the fellows as they struggled to carry those heavy pieces through the door!

The count down is on...