Patchwork Peace, a Subversive Advent Part II

We anticipated the dinner for several weeks. Reservations were not easy to come by, which only built the hype.  The company was good and the conversation included plenty of back and forth with laughter, but the food was underwhelming.  It was okay.  Nothing was bad. The service was very good. It was just that nothing met Greg's favourite descriptor of late, "exceptional".  He was probably unaware of how often he has used that word.  Now he will know; sometimes blogs come in handy.

I thought a lot about peace last week, knowing the second subversive Advent blog would address that topic.  Sometimes Christmas feels like the visit to the restaurant and I am left with my gritty hope and my peace in tatters because real life has a way of shredding us and leaving us disappointed.  Unfulfilled hopes and dreams, unreturned love, loss, racism, bigotry, and unexpected anger can all undo us.  There is not a single one of us who is not susceptible to being undone, not just at Christm…

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