Speak your truth

Words leave my mouth and I wish I could grab them out of the air and stuff them back down my throat into dark silence.  Alternately, words get stuck between my brain and mouth.  A endless word loop plays with jumps and pauses like an old scratched record.  The brain says yes, the heart says no, or the reverse, and the mouth is just trying to say.  Barriers of fear and reluctance can turn my talking attempts into an obstacle course and otherwise fluid speech becomes halting, hesitant, and broken.   When the obstacle course is operating there are fears of overstepping, upsetting, appearing stupid - one or all of the above plus other fears.  Mentally, I am perched on a seesaw trying to find the fine balance between truth that needs to be told and truth that doesn't.

I do believe we are called to speak truth and that sometimes it will be unpopular and not fun.  Speaking out can cost you relationships and in some parts of the world it can cost you your life.  Speaking out requires disc…

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