What are memories are you making?

We made memories last weekend, way down in southern Alberta.  I took the laptop along with every intention of blogging.  I even opened it, logged in, and tried to write but nothing happened.  That's not entirely true.  There were words on the screen.  Paragraphs began, only to peter out.  Nothing felt important enough to write about.  My brain was just not making the connections I expected it to make.  No amount of coffee or privacy was helping.  I was worried I was missing out on memory making.

For roughly thirty-six hours, friends and family of Doug's Storm, gathered in Okotoks for the AB17 Ride to Conquer Cancer.  We were there to make memories with Doug and Lo and to support the team.  On Saturday, we split our time between standing in ditches cheering on riders and wandering the Millarville Market and buying a hook for the broom. It was a perfect Alberta summer day and the scenery was spectacular.  There were rolling hills in every direction.  The smokey haze from the BC…

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