Dear You, The End

Dear You, It's been seven years since we first began meeting every Saturday morning, connected by strings of words and stories over the internet.  I just did a trip down memory lane because it's that time of year and I am of the age when trips into the past become more frequent.   In the beginning, there was one blog with only four views and those were probably my husband, mum, mother-in-law, and a sister.  If you ever need to be humbled, try writing a blog then waiting to see if anyone reads it and cares enough to respond. Try doing it weekly for seven years.  Assuming you have the gumption to start and the persistence to continue, you will be humbled by the response to posts which strike a chord. As the blog gained traction, I was thrilled to have you return and bring your friends. Slowly a loyal following was built of greater than four readers! I was thankful for your faithfulness and loved your willingness to comment because writing is a lonely business and publishing it

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