When you can't avoid fierce

Fierce visited our house again last week.  A piece of rhetoric was delivered to my mailbox which made me angry.  When I pulled the mail out of the box, I was looking at what appeared to be an amateurish attempt to grab my attention.  Paper quality was cheap, black and white print, and half page photo of the Prime Minister with the heading "The Prime Minister has FAILED TO MANAGE ILLEGAL BORDER CROSSINGS".  There were at least two different types of font and a mix of capitals and lower case in the title. The "F" was circled to appear like a grade on an old-school report card.  It worked, I had to see what nut bar was spending their own money to fill my mailbox.  We have been subject to similar quality of mass mailings in the past especially closer to election time.  Most have been laughable and have simply met a quiet demise in the recycle box with a parting blessing that they will reappear in a more helpful and constructive way in their recycled life.

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