When the view is good enough, stop and rest

The trail was a combination of ancient rock stairs and patches of loose uneven rock.  A series of steep switchbacks, one after another, led to the top of the mountain overlooking Kotor, Montenegro.  I made it part way up the mountain and decided to sit and wait while the others completed the hike to the top.  It was a decision that required swallowing my pride, but it was the right decision for that day.
There was a large rock just the right size for sitting at the corner of the trail.  From that vantage point I could people watch, take photos of the view which was spectacular, guard extra backpacks that my group left with me, and have a rest.  The people watching proved quite interesting.  All sizes, shapes, and physical abilities passed by.  Some stopped to have a break and greeted me.  Others were arguing with their companions as they turned the corner near me, seemingly oblivious to my presence.  One spouse was angrily accusing the other of trying to kill them with this hike.  I  …

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