Bearer of Happiness

His ears flap in the wind like mini-wings when he runs.  His paws are so large that they perform like skis as he skids to a stop on the ice.  Those four legs are so gangly he trips over them, somersaulting to an ungainly stop.  He is a puppy, a bearer of happiness, and he came, with his owner to visit us.

I love it when puppies come to visit because just watching them makes me happy.  They have this exuberance about life that is irrepressible, and it reminds me to keep trying.  Puppies are completely accepting, showering affection on anyone who shows the least amount of interest.  They have an ability to turn nearly any activity into a game, and make everything seem exciting.  Whether you open the door to let them outside or to welcome them inside, their tail is up and wagging like it is the best opportunity they ever had.

They are unabashed opportunists.  If there is a dog bowl on the floor it matters not that it is empty, a puppy will lick it thoroughly just in case.  Should you leave your shoes unattended, a puppy will relocate them for you and turn it into a game of keep away.  They will make you laugh, you will have no choice.  They will bring happiness with them, galloping in on four furry paws, dislodging loneliness and sadness.