At the intersection of your superpowers lies a surprising sweet spot

What are my superpowers?  I posed the question and he said, "Besides drinking wine?"  I should have known better than to ask a smart ass.  But I did and now I was in for a penny in for a pound.  Tenacity is one of my superpowers.  It serves me well, however there are times when I just need to know to quit.  This was not one of those times.  This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 4  and I needed to have an answer.

He kept talking, "I don't know.  I don't think I have any superpowers."  After 35 years he should have learned when to quit too.  Alas, we were both in it with two feet now.  I reminded him succinctly the conversation was not about his superpowers it was about mine.  He was still stalling.  So I rephrased the question, "Never mind superpowers. What do you think I am good at?"

Then the answers flooded out, "Writing.  Being creative. Imagining things." I stopped him.  That was enough.  He had nailed every single superpower I had privately written down over a year ago. The superpowers were abilities that I had taken for granted for over fifty years.  They were ones that I had boxed in on occasion to fit the corporate world or other people's expectations.  They were the ones that filled me with breath and possibility.  My superpowers healed my spirit when it was battered by disappointment.

Despite the constant company of my superpowers, I struggled to see how they fit into my life and business.  That struggle eased when I came to the understanding that my creativity and imagination could fuel business solutions and solve business puzzles that confounded other people.  I thought everyone could imagine what the end would look like, or design an alternate way through.  It was a natural to me as breathing.  When I finally began to integrate my superpowers into my life and business in a way that nourished and nurtured them, I found the sweet spot that Natalie referred to. Have you found your sweet spot?  It's a magical place where you are filled with breath and possibility.


  1. What are my superpowers? she asks. I ask the RS -- just following your lead, Joy. He says, without missing a beat, "You have a good way of reading and interpreting a situation." Nice. Hadn't thought of that. Writing, he says. Yes. "And I think you have good empathy," he adds, "except for when I am upset because I'm losing a game to you." Ha ha. What I would have said? Writing. Creativity. Warmth. End of story, maybe. Do I integrate these skills into my life? More and more, I think, as I gain confidence in claiming these strengths. Claiming my strengths is a biggie for me.


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