Acts of rebellion against the tyranny of perfection

Last week I needed to sort out a few things in my head - work things - and I had been hard at it for about five hours.  I took a piano, music making break to refuel the creativity and rearrange the ideas I was wrestling with.  A couple of songs in, I realized something was moving outside the window.  As I glanced sideways, a deer was looking back at me.  I'm not sure if my music was so bad it shocked the deer, or if the animal was just curious.  But we had a moment the deer and I.
I know it's not perfect, but it is beautiful (2017)

The morning sun was shining behind the deer, completely illuminating the brilliant green of the trees.  There was beauty just the other side of my window pane.  The deer headed east as I scrambled for the camera.  I had to take the picture through the window, I had no time to get outside.  The deer was on the move.  My photo was less than perfect and I was disappointed, fully prepared to delete the photo.  It was not perfect and by all the rules of blogging you are supposed to have a stunning, perfect photo to accompany a blog.

Throughout the week, I turned that idea over, wondering what moments we missed out on and failed to share because perfection ruled our lives.  I took the photo because I was struck by the beauty of the sun, the leaves, and the deer.  I took it because I wanted to share it with you so you could experience a little of the wonder of that moment.  Then I got stuck.  I got stuck in that land between real life and perfection.

We wallow there a lot, in that land trying to make reality appear perfect when in fact reality often has a unique beauty of its own.  Our challenge is understanding that beauty does not equate with perfection.  When we wait for perfection, we rob ourselves of opportunities to share imperfect but beautiful moments with each other and we rob ourselves of joy. Don't wait for perfection.  Engage in acts of rebellion against the tyranny of perfection, seize the beauty and joy that reality holds, and share your joy.