My Name is Joy

Countless times in my life I have led with, "My name is Joy, what's your name?"  Born overseas in the early sixties, then uprooted and rerooted in four countries by the age of eleven, I became adept at introducing myself and even more skilled at learning how to ask others questions.  Early on, I figured out that if I asked the questions I had slightly more control of the conversation and might avoid the one question everyone else wanted to ask.  Where are you from?

Today, i don't avoid that question anymore.  I am from Alberta.  I live by the swake, a piece of land bordering a swampy body of water that in no way resembles a lake.  I'm a writer, entrepreneur, spouse, mum, daughter, sister, and nana - not necessarily in that order.  I call my self a difference maker and that is truly all I aspire to.

Every Saturday, barring death or taxes, I write a blog about life with the intention of inspiring you, encouraging you, or just making you laugh.  I write for you.  Originally the 'you' was my family and a few friends.  Then 'you' expanded to friends of friends and people I never met.  Sometimes when we do eventually meet I sense you feel uncomfortable, as if you feel you know me well because you have been reading the blog for a while.   Please don't feel awkward, just confess!  You aren't eavesdropping or intruding when you read. The blog is written to be read.

I write for you, freely and from my heart.  Some posts are great and others are just done.  But every single one sheds a little light on who Joy is, where I am from, and where I am going.  Writing is a journey and you are invited to join me.  My name is Joy, what's your name?