First Ever Blog

For the last six months I have written to many of you every Saturday, telling the stories of our home building adventure.  I did it the 'old fashioned' way; in an email with a distribution list.  Many of you asked for more, expressing disappointment that the build is nearing completion and what will they do on Saturday morning if there is no update from the swake.  So, the story will continue in bits and bites every week.  Just the normal everyday stuff that ties us all together.

Although admittedly our stuff is still a bit unusual.  I don't know anyone else living in their basement while construction workers' radios blare atrocious music, air nailers provide a rhythmic staccato, and air compressors hum incessantly in the background.  I'm not complaining though this beats the eight months that we lived in the fifth wheel, at least I can twirl around in the middle of the room and not touch anything.

Writing is a little scary, it's a bit like inviting a whole bunch of people to a party and not knowing if anyone will show up.  But, seldom having shied away from a challenge before, here we go.  Officially the tale of Life by the Swake has been launched.