Week 37

We are jumping right into this new fangled way of communicating at Week 37 in the Life by the Swake adventure.  Last week we missed recording the progress because we were at Uncle John's memorial.  Crazy as it sounds, we had a really good time celebrating his life and catching up with the relatives.  The drive home was another story testing Greg's mettle as an expert winter driver.  Rotten enough conditions that he developed a headache half way home and reluctantly admitted that it was the worst drive he can remember.  This from the man who frequently drives a couple of thousand kilometres in one week.

But, we did arrive home safe.  The dog-sitting team survived the antics of our very large puppy, odd noises going bump in the night, and the septic system alarm going off.  The good news was that it was a low level alarm, not a high level alarm.  Not enough 'stuff' passing through instead of too much!  Hmmm, I imagine we'll learn all the intricacies over time.

This week has again seen budget numbers shattered much to our surprise as it was not a result of our extravagant taste this time but an underestimation on pricing the painting.  Once we caught our breath and figured out where to wiggle those funds from, we had to decide whether we were going to finish the master bedroom closet to the same standard as the rest of the house or not.  I'm okay with going over budget when we consciously choose to do something outside the original agreement, I'm not so okay with it otherwise so things were a tad testy.  You'll see the outcome which took about twenty-four hours to decide in this week's photos.

Warning to all our future guests, we will be serving Nicaraguan fare for the next two years as a result of the budget overrun, and the master bedroom closet!  Rice and beans for every meal.  Maybe some scrambled eggs with the rice and beans at breakfast.  If things go well, we'll season the rice and beans with lots of garlic.  It will be a great overall weight loss plan, I'm sure.

Kanti is famous, you can see her handsome 'mug' on the breeder's site Janz Haus.  Greg wrote the blurb that you will find at the bottom of the Customer Testimonials page if you scroll down.  If you are at all sensitive you'll pick up that he really loves that dog.  I guess we both do because I left a whole page of typed written instructions for the dog-sitting team, and I have been accused of not having done that when I left my children with their aunt for the weekend years ago.  Oh well, the kids turned out great so imagine what a star this puppy will be!