Week 39 New Game

Thank goodness for Kanti.  She has been the great leveler of emotion this week, petting her in the sunshine calms my spirit and she dreams up new ways to make us laugh every week.  Since we are now into week 39 of the adventure in house building, laughter and good humor are kind of important.  I'll have to admit that my laughter and good humor are less accessible than normal, and even Greg's has dwindled.  

But, Kanti helped us out this week with the invention of a new game.  Every morning, she comes in to have her breakfast then she gets a bone to enjoy.  As of Monday, no toys are allowed and the instant she decides that laying calmly at your feet is not that exciting she has to go outside.  Kanti or Kanti's toys were accused of having put dents into the walls not once but twice.  Greg was admonished for that, so only breakfast and a bone.  

Hello folks, we are dealing with a german shepherd here.  Breakfast and a bone, that's way too sedentary and boring.  Kanti decided that if we were going to restrict her to that, then she would devise a way to entertain herself and us within this new set of policies and procedures.  Two mornings this week, she decided to take her bone and calmly leave the vicinity to hide it somewhere.  Then she wandered back and looked at us as if to say, okay I did my part, now it's your turn.  We dutifully got up and looked for the bone with Kanti following on our heels.  Once we found the bone, she would decide whether to go through the same exercise again.  Typically she likes to hide it behind crates or boxes in the garage, sometimes just in a corner.  

This morning she hid her bone beside the fireplace, backed out of the spot and gave us that look.  We went and retrieved it and she chewed on it for a while longer, then she got up and went to hide it again.  This time, Greg returned from the hunt to say he couldn't find it.  Uh oh, the only spot it might have been placed was down the furnace duct hole which is 3-4 inches in diameter.  All the ducts have been covered to this point but because the tile was laid upstairs this week, those ducts were exposed.  We could see the bone but Greg's hand was too large to reach into the duct and grab the bone.  The kitchen tongs came in handy at that point, and Kanti just watched the crazy humans who love her, on their knees trying to get the bone out of the duct!  We got it out and we laughed, because really it is all good.  

The upstairs is nearly all tiled, next week you should see cabinets in the kitchen photo.  The master bath floor and shower are tiled.  My tub is sitting in place and Greg has promised to fill it by hand if the faucet set doesn't work out.  That's another story that hopefully has a happy ending.