Week 40 In, Out, and Up

We woke up this morning to find the swake blanketed with more than four inches of snow and there is still more falling from the low grey clouds.  It looks really pretty but only because I don't have to drive today.  Based on Josh's forecast (CTV), I bought the groceries yesterday and the best news of all is that there is a washer and dryer sitting in the laundry room.  We have what we need so there is really no reason to venture out which is kind of convenient because Greg will be spending the morning up on the scaffolding finishing off the fireplace stone.

Kanti has discovered that she can sit at the window under the deck to keep an eye on us.  When I move from the family room to the office, she relocates for the best watching advantage. She's been a good puppy this week, it's Greg that had issues in the house; spilling his coffee not once but twice, and trying to drill his fingers to the lath on the fireplace.  The crew was calling Greg, Luigi this week I imagine a reference to the italian prowess in stone masonry.  I thought Tim the Tool Man Taylor was more appropriate.  Despite the trails of blood, the fireplace looks awesome.   

It's an exciting day for Greg and Big Red, all that snow means there is a legitimate reason to fire up the machine.  Big Red was able to be moved into the garage yesterday once all the cabinets had been moved into the house.  Big Red looks good in the garage, but I have to say the cabinets look even better in the house. 

Cabinets, drawers, and Joy were the butt of humor this week.  I had to do some business in town yesterday, and when I returned the builders told me they had made a command decision to hang the laundry room cabinets lower than normal.  Just for me!  They had been making jokes about the kitchen cabinets in relation to my height throughout the week.  I can reach the first two shelves without any step aids, but the top two shelves well that's another story.  They all think it's funny, it's just life.  I haven't shrunk, this has been my world since I was about twelve.  I'm pretty ingenious about reaching what I need and with all the drawers plus cabinets down low, who needs those high shelves anyway.  The number of drawers in the kitchen also generated some comedy schtick by the building crew.  I wondered this week, what I was thinking when we designed this kitchen and whether I could return any drawers.  The builder assures me that we'll fill them in no time, I'm sure he's right.
I have been promised that by late today, I will have a washer and dryer not just in the house, but hooked up to water/power/exhaust vents and working.  I can hardly contain myself, never thought I'd be so excited about doing laundry.  Have you ever actually figured out what a load of laundry costs you?  I think I need to figure that out, maybe I'll ask Mark that amazing son-in-law to do that for me.  I have heaps of laundry to do, I've been saving it up for the last few weeks only doing what was absolutely necessary, in anticipation of the new machines.  The only sad part is that I had made a friend at the laundromat, her name's Chris and she owns two chocolate labs.  We are going to stay in touch.  

Greg is cutting stone and climbing the scaffold to finish off those last few rows.  I'd better go and keep an eye on him!  Those are the ins, outs and ups of this week.