Big Day

This is it, today is the big day.  We are kind of numb; not really excited.  Maybe it is like running a marathon and when you are nearing the end you just focus on getting there.  Then you collapse in a little heap when you cross the finish line, only to pick yourself up later to refuel and celebrate.  We aren't quite done yet.  There are plenty of boxes to unload from the sea containers and furniture to haul into the house.  Helpers will be arriving in a couple of hours!

When I looked at the pictures from this week, I was surprised by how much we accomplished.  We burned the huge pile of roots, stumps, and brush that had accumulated when we cleared the building site.  The pile burned for several days, fortunately wind conditions were just right and you'll all be happy to know that Greg had a fire permit.  Jan came with his tractor to help move the debris into smaller chunks a little further from the house, and to alleviate my fear that we'd burn the house down he pushed snow into big banks around the fire pit.  Greg and Jan had an awesome day between the chainsaw activity, a bonfire, and using the tractor and Big Red.  Greg said it was the most fun guys can have with their clothes on.

Our redneck front door came down and in its place we had tarps for a couple of days as the builders stained the door jamb.  I thought we were redneck last week, but I'll have to say the tarp took the cake.  Now I didn't have concerns about little mice, I was thinking we might be welcoming coyotes in the access was so inviting!  Yesterday the real door finally was installed; no more worries about mice or coyotes strolling in.

There was a hiccup with the finishing of the stairs to the basement, apparently the treads weren't measured correctly by the flooring company rep.  It just means that we'll be enjoying the look of plywood for a week or two more while they get that sorted out and the new ones delivered.  It was an unfortunate screw up but the acceptance of responsibility and follow up efforts to provide great service have been really good.

Wednesday we had one of those scenarios where the builder stopped by my office and opened his conversation with the dreaded words "we have a problem".  Whenever I hear that phrase for the rest of my life, it will always translate into the instant "cha-ching" sound of more money!  This time it was our mistake, the faucet we bought had a 4 inch center and the pedestal sink had an eight inch center.  Easy to remedy with a quick trip to Home Depot where I had to find a warm body willing to help me wrestle a 75 pound box onto the cart and then into the vehicle.  The monetary damages were manageable but it was a bit of an awakening when I realized how my interpretation of "we have a problem" has changed over the last ten months!

Kanti is doing great.  Greg visited the breeder this week and came home announcing that "we have the most beautiful dog ever"!  No bias there.

Well this is it, I guess we'd better get after that moving business and get it done!  Tonight, will be magical.  Sleeping in our own bed, in our own room, waking up to the view of the swake.