The move went well, we had plenty of helpers and grandma fed everyone.  The boxes and furniture were all in the house by early afternoon then the next phase began - unpacking and finding a home for the multitude of things that have been safely packed up for ten months.  Darn good thing we were finally unpacking as I was beginning to forget what we owned.  That posed some financial danger whenever I was in a store.  I would find myself thinking I needed to buy a particular item, followed quickly by the question, do I own it already but I've just forgotten?

We gave quite a bit away to a fund raising garage sale and the thrift shop when we packed up the house, now I find myself looking through drawers trying to locate something only to wonder - did I give that away?  Soon, enough we'll have it figured out.  Then there is the stuff we packed that went straight into a bag for the thrift store when we unpacked it, accompanied by the question "What was I thinking to have packed that up in the first place?"  Yes, the chairs are upside down on the table to allow for the multiple washings of the floor that were necessary to get ahead of the dust.  After three washings we felt like we finally had beat the majority of the dust and sand.

Doors, doors, doors.  The front door is in place, hanging beautifully, welcoming friends.  Shower doors were installed on Tuesday in the upstairs bathroom.  Downstairs is still waiting as there was a mistake on the ordering of the hardware.  The right hardware will arrive this week so that job will be another one to knock off the to-do list next week.  All the doors and windows performed really well in the blower test yesterday that will determine our Energuide rating.    

Greg announced this week, that "dishwashers are an amazing invention".  A quote that came out of heartfelt appreciation for not having to wash every plate and cup by hand after ten months of having to do so.  He said it with such conviction that it made me giggle, I felt like I needed to say "amen" or even "hallelujah".

Mike and Linda were supposed to come to visit the weekend, bringing with them the range hood but Linda couldn't come.  Some nasty Calgary cold virus got the better of her - missing my friend.  But Mike is in the garage with Greg right now figuring out the logistics of hanging the range hood.  It's a thing of beauty or in Matt's words "is holy crap an appropriate response?".  The picture that Matt saw was of the unwrapped range hood, sitting on the bench in the shop in Calgary.  Here it is in the garage, while the guys measure and drill holes to put it up.