Antics by the Swake

Man and animals had fun on the swake this week.  There were some really good laughs especially at the antics of Greg and/or Kanti, and there were more seasonal residents appearing.  The Red Wing Blackbirds arrived this week.  We could hear their distinctive song and were able to spot them perched on the very top of the reeds.  They will be our neighbors until late summer.

Kanti was our primary source of entertainment as she tried to help herself to Greg's beer, get in on our hugs, and figure out holding hands.  Hugging, like beer isn't something new in our house.  But for some reason, Kanti took notice of the hugs this week and decided to get in on the action.  Jumping up and putting her big old paws on our backs which left us very indecisive as to whether we should be laughing at her or scolding her to stay down.  Laughing won out.  Then we got out the camera and the iphone.  Imagine Greg trying to get the camera set to take a photo of a staged hug for your benefit, and me holding the iphone at arms length from another angle attempting the same feat.  Complete bedlam ensued as we invited Kanti to jump up, and after multiple tries we had to admit defeat.  We got pictures of the floor, of my neck  which isn't my best feature since my 50th birthday, and out of focus pictures of Kanti's nostrils.

Another evening, Greg convinced me to go along on the nightly walk through the forest.  It was a lovely warm evening and the first time I didn't have to wear my winter boots, gloves or toque this year.  In the winter, I plowed along behind Greg using his trail to make the walking easier.   This particular evening was the first time we were able to walk side by side and hold hands.   Kanti had run on ahead sniffing out the latest travels of the deer and moose across the trail when she stopped and turned around to check on the humans who were lagging behind.  She does that frequently when we walk with her, usually she just gallops off again fully satisfied that we are okay just rather slow.  But this time her eyes zeroed in on our bare hands, clasped together.  Well, she came running, completely focused on our hands, screeching to a halt when she reached us.  Then she had to push our hands around with her nose and lick them, after that she was okay again.  It was quite fascinating behaviour, we never fail to be amazed at her observations and the things that catch her curiosity.

It was a good thing we were having fun with her this week because those dang stairs are still sitting unfinished and we are patiently waiting for the downstairs shower doors to be installed.  The stairs are once again scheduled for Monday and the shower doors for Tuesday, so maybe next week there will be closure to that part of the tale.  I had promised pictures of the finished front door and the kitchen counters earlier and realized that I failed to deliver, so in the interest of meeting my readers expectations here are a couple of shots.  The front door has been serendipitous, because when the sun is at a particular angle in the sky we get wonderful shadows playing off an interior wall.
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