Loose Ends and Llamas

Over the last few days life by the swake has included the vagaries of spring in Alberta with the weather vacillating between 18 degrees celsius and heavy snowfall.  Amongst the craziness of the weather we have had a variety of visitors to the house.  Matt came one day and enjoyed the sunshine and a little 'laxing' in the sun with Kanti.  One morning the neighbour phoned and told us to look out the window because there was a black llama wandering around.  No idea where it came from, no idea where it went!  Then there were the service call visitors like Telus, Andrew 'the shower guy', and the stair tread wizards.  

Those pesky stair treads are installed after endless weeks of reporting that the treads had arrived and were wrong again.  It was the three angled ones that make the turn in the stairs that seemed to challenge everyone.  As soon as they were in place, the railing man was scheduled and I can happily tell you that it came together alright.  The shower doors with the correct trim are in place, so we can take down the Ikea shower curtain that was hanging precariously on an overextended tension curtain rod.  It feels good to have those things finished, although we had our first service call this week and I am hoping there aren't too many of those.  The dishwasher door suddenly lost its spring-load feeling and dropped open heavily.  Uh oh, something was amiss.  Coast Wholesale lined up a service call right away, and it was fixed without any trouble.  Phew.  Apparently the screws that were used to install it were too long and they had damaged a tension line that runs inside the machine.  Easily fixed and works like a charm again, without any issues regarding who messed that up.

It was one of those weeks where the days careened by and all of a sudden it's Saturday again.  That means laundry around here, so I dutifully gathered all the sandy, dog haired, dirty stuff this morning.  Dragged it to the laundry room and discovered that the last load of last week's laundry was still in the dryer.  The upside to all that is that the laundry was in the dryer not the washer or it would have been really stinky.  This way it was just really wrinkled and I'll get a chance to use that 'wrinkle rid' feature on the jazzy new dryer.

Kanti has been a handful this week.  She scared the ... out of me one day by disappearing without a trace while we were outside together.  Poof, she vaporized when I turned my back to rake some leaves for a moment then I spent the next forty-five minutes looking for the rascal without success.  When I had given up and placed a panic call to Greg, she suddenly decided to reappear all wet and sandy.  If only she could talk.  The monkey did something similar to Matt another day this week, but she returned promptly when he called her - thank goodness.  Last night she took off like a bat out of hell because she saw the neighbours out in their field.  No amount of calling brought her back, and pretty soon Greg was off at a full run after her because the neighbours had their grandchild with them and Kanti desperately wanted to get to know the little one.  Not such a great idea having an oversized, fuzzy, highly energetic beast wanting to get better acquainted with a little person who isn't so sure.  It all ended well, with Greg and Kanti back in the kennel, and Kanti receiving a nose-to-nose chat.  She has been good as gold this morning, went for her walk off leash and stayed at Greg's heel the entire time.  Greg must be learning lots of great german shepherd language skills, either that or Kanti is becoming adept at picking up the 'mad vibe' from Greg.