Staking Claim on the Swake

I think every single animal in the county is busy staking out a little piece of property on or near our swake this week.  The geese have been flying in, two by two, swooping down on to the mushy ice to check out the available real estate.  Martha, the moose, returned on Monday evening wandering on through and nibbling on the new growth that's emerging on the willows.  The robins arrived on Tuesday.  I counted five in the driveway near the bird feeder, a sure sign that spring is coming.  Wednesday, four deer paraded across the lowlands, watching us warily while Kanti threw herself at the deck railings, woofing her head off.   Busy, busy, week on the swake.

The geese were probably the most interesting visitors though, they certainly are the noisiest.  They waddle up through the willows onto the grass, checking out the view from all angles.  Then another pair flies in, and there is a little bit of posturing.  Wing flapping, and carrying on.  There seems to be a little bargaining or negotiating that determines which pair of geese want that particular plot the most.

Kanti has been busy running this way and that, chasing the deer or the geese, and barking until Greg starts barking at her!  Her antics this week have been kind of fascinating, she has decided to take every toy she owns, one by one and drop them into the creek at the bottom of the lowlands.  God only knows why...  So by Wednesday there wasn't a single ball or frisbee left to play with.  I had quite a chat with her about that and suggested that she needed to find her toys and bring them back.  Amazingly enough she looked at me, cocked her head to one side, turned tail and headed straight for the creek where she splashed around dunking her head under water a couple of times.  Finally emerging with one of her balls.  She knew exactly where she had left them and proceeded to bring them out one at a time, although she hasn't decided to bring the frisbee back yet.

The railings were installed on the deck this week, making it safe for us to sit out there and imbibe in a beverage without fear of toppling off!  Kanti wasn't too sure what to make of the railings.  She walked around the perimeter of the deck, looked at the railings and looked at us.  I had a moment where I wondered if she thought the humans had finally lost it, and decided to get into a cage/kennel themselves and just invite her in.

The stairs are another story that doesn't have quite the happy ending yet and my sense of humour about it has run out.  We were waiting for four of the stair treads to be remade correctly.  This was the third try at getting it right.  Guess what, three out of the four were okay but the fourth was wrong again.  How is it possible?  The builder is frustrated, but we are past that to the resigned stage.  Sooner or later they'll get the tread right, eventually it will get done.  We are closer this week than last since now there is only one that is off.  We'll just enjoy all the other wonderful parts of a week on the swake, and keep unpacking those boxes a few at a time.