Surprise! Spring and love are in the air

It has happened again, and every year it still amazes me.  Overnight the swake goes from being a brown, leafless, scruffy looking place to vibrant shades of green.  The shrubs and trees are not fully leafed but they take on colors and it challenges you to ask yourself if you are really seeing the truth or if you are viewing the world through your own "I wish it was" perspective.  The first goose has arrived and bravely stood alone on the ice full of optimism that soon there would be open water, certain in the knowledge that the rest of his flock was coming right behind him.  Or her!  When I saw that first brave goose I began to lift my eyes to see whether the plants around me had received the message yet.  Spring had arrived.  It was time to pop those leaves and get on with it!

Within days the poplars stopped looking brown; they began to have a neon green appearance. The pussy willows burst out softening the landscape. I know it didn't all happen just because that one goose arrived!  But, it did make me think about how many times in history individuals have stood up and taken a stand long before the rest of the world was ready to stand with them.  Because it is Easter, I have been pondering what it was about Jesus that drew others to him. Setting aside the dogma of organized Christianity that can be so very broken, I landed on love.  People were drawn to Jesus because he showed them love and that was so magnetic, they followed him all over the country side. However, it scared those in power to the point that they killed him out of fear.  No matter your religious beliefs or lack there of Jesus made an impact on the world by showing love.  And the world could use a whole lot more love to heal the hurt, anger, fear, and judgement that threaten to engulf us. 

So I wish you all a happy Easter in the hope you accept that wish in the spirit of love which is best explained in 1 Corinthians 13.  It's spring and love is in the air. 


  1. Thank you Joy. That was beautiful.

  2. I'm glad it spoke to you, thanks for letting me know.


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