Shades of Life

The swake is revealing all its' spring glory in a multitude of shades of green.  It's amazing to watch it change day by day, and the bird life has been especially entertaining.  Those dang geese honk lots, and have been wandering all over the lowlands between the house and the swake.  Interestingly, they have come right up by the house and settled on the dirt piles.  Their choice of orientation is similar to ours, they sit down and look out over the swake.  Maybe they are keeping an eye on their nests and giving the chicks a little taste of independence.  So far, no goslings have been visible but I imagine they'll be out on parade any day.

We heard lots of honking last night and turned to look out the window.  We were rewarded with a spectacular view of two geese coming in to land on the strip of water that runs between the house and the swake.  I was suddenly struck by the fact that we have our own landing strip especially for birds.  The geese are like the boeing 747 of birds, large and pretty noisy.  But wow, the view as they land against a dusky sky is amazing.

Greg asked why the geese have to make so much noise whenever they do something.  He's right.  They honk when they walk.  They stand up, turn around on their nests, and they honk.  They fly, they honk.  They land, they honk.  We decided that the honking on landing must be the goose version of air traffic control.  Honk, warning to all other geese on the body of water, clear the way we are coming down.  We'll have to upgrade the camera one of these days so that I can post a photo of them coming into land.

While the goose population has been growing with the hatching of chicks, the human population on the swake doubled this week.  There was a fire at the kids' condo, and the repairs will take about four months.  So the swake is offering refuge to another couple who is temporarily homeless.  My first thought on hearing about the fire, was thank goodness no one was hurt.  My second thought was thank goodness we aren't still living in the trailer!  This way the swake can do what God intended it to do - it can be a place that welcomes and envelopes others, a place of peace and healing.

Kanti has been delighted to have additional playmates move in.  Her approach to life seems to be the more the merrier.  Extra residents are just someone new to toss the ball and play hide and seek with.  And of course her expectation is that she will be absolutely adored by anyone else too.  Greg admitted this morning that we might have spoiled her, to which Amanda responded "I'm relieved that you recognize that".  Greg answered that "acknowledgement is the first step on the road to recovery"!  Kanti has had a good week, I took her for a walk on the leash down the public road and she behaved wonderfully.  

We are exceedingly grateful for and proud of our kids, including the kids in-law.  This week has dealt a few hard and sad blows to our family some of which I'm not free to discourse on.  But suffice to say that we are reminded by the dawn breaking over the swake and the incredible vibrant greens of new life that we are certain of the steadfast love of the Lord.  Click on the link, close your eyes, and imagine yourself watching the sunrise on the swake! The Steadfast Love of the Lord