Sit and Stay

The tough love methodology of teaching Kanti some manners continues, and as you can see by the photos it is spilling over to the human inhabitants of the swake.  All the adults are responding to the 'sit' command, making it a rather successful week. Kanti on the other hand, sits when she feels like it.  Sometimes that means on someones lap, and other times in her new dog bed.

There's a story to the new dog bed.  It is made in Italy and is an incredibly durable and practical plastic bucket style.  Unlike the typical north american dog bed, you can hose this one out to clean it.  No stinky soft cushiony things to collect hair etc.  Our friends from Holland had one, and after several attempts to locate the same item in North American, we decided to import said dog bed from Europe.  Yes, our kids think we've lost our minds but I see a business opportunity.  So, our friends went home to Holland for a family celebration and agreed to bring three assorted sized beds back that we can use as demos.

Well the bed arrived two weeks ago and Kanti was a little leery of it.  One day this week, Matt suggested that Greg should demo the bed for Kanti in a similar fashion to how he demo'd her new dog house after it was built.  For the record, Kanti refused to go into her new insulated dog house until the day that Greg got down on hands and knees and crawled in to show her how its done.  That dog, must just have a wonderful belly laugh at the humans she has wrapped around her little finger.  Anyway, back to the story.  The same afternoon that Matt was teasing Greg, I was cooking the supper when I received a summons from the living room.  Greg was announcing that there was a photo opp, and there he was sitting in the dog bed with Kanti.  Once I recovered from laughing I was able to take the picture without the camera wiggling too much.

By weeks end, Kanti was voluntarily going to her dog bed to enjoy her bone.  When she isn't sitting in the dog bed, she might be found sitting on Amanda's lap fulfilling Amanda's wish for a lap dog.  As long as she's sitting we know she isn't into any new mischief, like figuring out how to open the pocket door to the laundry room so she can steal someone's shoes.  That dog sure brings lots of laughter and smiles into the house, and we are glad she's here even though that means that she leaves behind clouds of dog hair.  Thank goodness for 3M sticky roller brushes in a Costco pack!

Stay tuned for the launch of the dog bed business.