Observations or Opinions

I recently spent some time with some good friends, one of whom announced that in order to stay out of hot water she was now only engaging in observations about life instead of offering opinions.  Being somewhat opinionated, I thought the statement was quite amusing but that it might hold a gem of wisdom that I could apply personally.  "Animal Tracker" a.k.a. Greg has kept busy observing the animal activity, both human and not, on the swake this week and offering opinions.  I'm not sure he'd report it the same way, but that's the fun I get because I do the typing.  Between the goose, deer, and coyote activity it has been pretty interesting.  

The geese have been busy raising their young and keeping them out of danger.  We finally were able to get a photo of the geese on a walkabout with their goslings, who are looking like lanky teenagers already.   Greg thinks the adult geese are the most adept animal parents he has ever watched, which is an opinion since it is not based on enough recorded observations of a broad variety of wildlife to be certain.  But I am in accordance with him.  The geese are fascinating to watch from a parenting perspective.  They parent together all the time, no divide and conquer tactics would work on them!  They are ever watchful for danger but seem to give their goslings lots of room to explore, making the goslings more and more independent.  Then according to National Geographic in addition to being patient, attentive parents they mate for life and leave behind about two and a half tons of goose-crap a year.  We should have a well-fertilized property by the fall.
Animal Tracker identified some enormous deer tracks wandering through the yard, right past Kanti's kennel.  Those tracks probably account for the reason that Kanti refused to stop barking one night.  Typically, Greg takes Kanti for an evening walk then before putting her into her kennel for the night they have a chat.  It goes something like this.  Greg tells Kanti that she has to be quiet and there is to be no barking.  He is of the opinion that she fully understands the exchange.  My observation is that it is extremely effective unless coyotes howl or deer walk through! 

This past week was a tv-less week, the satellite reception quit entirely instead of only intermittently.  Sheer boredom drove Kanti to attack a defenceless clematis on the deck when her human parents left her unattended for a few minutes.  Maybe we could learn a lesson or two from the geese.  But the good news is that as of yesterday we have tv again just in time for the US Open golf tournament.  Phew.  In my opinion this is a really good thing because there were at least two residents of the swake who were seriously approaching tv withdrawal symptoms this week. 

So all observations and opinions aside, do you really think it is possible for opinionated people to limit themselves to observations?  Be honest now.  The final opinion of this piece is that we are all opinionated to some degree but we have the option of being obnoxiously opinionated or entertainingly opinionated.  I am going to try to be entertainingly opinionated, I'll let you know how it works out for me.