Sometimes life is like a good plate of scrambled eggs.  I like to throw a little bit of a lot of different things into the pan, add the eggs, stir it all up and let it cook.  There is never any doubt that it will taste yummy but it is an act of faith because you also never quite know exactly what the flavors will be like.  The famous Forest Gump "life is like a box of chocolates" quote aside, I'm going to go on record as saying life is more akin to the scrambled egg metaphor.  

If you think about it from the scrambled egg perspective you are not overly concerned with things being orderly or measured with precision, and you can be a little more forgiving of yourself and the life ingredients.  There is a measure of certainty that even though it might be a bit messy and definitely not pretty, it will all turn out for the best, and that you'll enjoy the final product.  Looking at things that way removes the anxiety about the elements of surprise that life always dishes out.

One of our ongoing surprises is our planting experiment in the lowlands.  Yesterday Greg tamed the weed/canola crop that voluntarily grew in place of the custom mix we planted.  Taming the crop involved mowing the three foot high green stuff.  Things actually looked quite wonderful this morning in the early sun.  All things even the green growing things will work together for good.

Our scrambled lives by the swake included birthday celebrations, great food, visiting with friends and family, lots of work, a stuck tractor, a goofy puppy, and some major thunder and
lightening.  We managed to get the week's work
done and the tractor 'unstuck' on Friday night about ten minutes before the guests were arriving for the birthday celebrations.  I'll admit that I wasn't handling that scrambled feeling quite as graciously as described earlier, and this was brought to my attention by my eldest who observed that I sounded annoyed when one item was scrambled a little more than my nerves could handle at the ninth hour.  If my recall is correct she used the words "pissed off"...who me?  But it all turned out okay, so I wonder when I'll finally absorb that life lesson; the one where all things work together for good.