The first order of business is to grant credit to my favorite daughter in-law for an error of omission which I committed in last week's post.  I had watched a video of the efforts to get Kanti to navigate the basement stairs and had failed to understand the intricacy of events.  That whole adventure broke down into a sequence of encouragement, support, and trust between two humans and a critter.  The quiet complexity of what it actually took to get Kanti up and down the stairs was not captured in the video, and it is a wonderful example of how our perspective in life can either limit us or free us.

In reality, number one son didn't believe Kanti would do the stairs but the favorite daughter in-law was certain Kanti would do the stairs if Matt worked with her.  What was lost in the video perspective was the fact that one person recognized that Kanti completely and utterly trusts Matt,  she recognized the strength of the dog to human relationship and encouraged Matt to be persistent with Kanti.  She was convinced that Kanti's trust in Matt would out weigh her fear.  The favorite daughter in-law's belief in Matt encouraged him to not give up, and his relationship with Kanti allowed Kanti to overcome her fear.  I have thought a lot this week about how our perspectives have so much impact on our lives.  

There were three nights this past week where I was alone on the swake with Kanti.  You know things creak and bump in the night when you are alone, and I have no trouble imagining all kinds of wild stuff.  I can tell you that my perspective on the swake is much nicer in the light of dawn than it is at night when everyone else is gone.  My perspective is also different once the three foot tall meadow of weeds and rye is mowed.  It's much improved when the sun shines versus when the rain is pouring down in sheets resulting in a wet sandy dog.  This morning everyone is home, the sun is shining, all the outdoor painting touch-ups are finished.  The rye is growing which gives me hope that maybe the whole custom seed experiment is going to work out okay, and the swake is a great place to call home.