The Joy of Waiting

Christmas count downs are happening all around us.  Radio, TV, internet, it matters not where I look or what I listen to.  I am reminded over and over that Christmas is only days away and I hear that reminder with mixed emotion.  There is a frantic-ness to the announcements that is meant to induce a level of anxiety spurring me and all the other faithful shoppers to shop more.  But my inner rebel responds by shutting off all the extra noise to sit in the quietness of the morning; allowing the waiting hopefulness and faithfulness of advent to fill my spirit with joy.  And wonder of wonders, it works.  

In the quietness I think of other times that waiting triggers joy and I am reminded of how Kanti watches and waits for us.  Whenever we have to leave the swake Kanti goes into watch mode.  She waits for us to return; faithfully sitting on the driveway listening for the vehicle.  When we turn the corner and come into view she switches to escort mode running ahead of the car tail held high and a huge doggie grin on her face. If the car slows down she stops and backtracks to shepherd us the final way home. It is a royal welcome that she repeats day after day with great joy, and it never fails to make me smile. 

I am not good at sitting still and I am even less good at waiting.  But that's what Advent is about. It's a reminder to wait and listen at the corner of our life's driveway to hear the Christmas anthems and meet our Savior.