We live in a rather peaceful household the majority of the time, until one of two things happen either guests arrive or Kanti explodes through the door overjoyed at the prospect of greeting someone.  Things deteriorate instantly when guests arrive simultaneously as Kanti explodes through the door.  Peace vanishes in a frenzy of happy furry energy, full-bore intent on sniffing, licking, and jumping on the guests.

Depending on who we are expecting, and their ability to appreciate an over wrought welcome from an over sized puppy we might put Kanti safely in her kennel.  Sometimes though the schedule gets messed up and we are scrambling around preparing for someone to arrive.  Then suddenly the time has flown and there the guests are on the doorstep receiving a joyful excited welcome that could be scary if they didn't know the heart of Kanti.

Does the pre-Christmas season with the flash and dash of tinsel and bells leave you feeling a little like a scared guest on the doorstep of some grand event?  Stop thinking Christmas, and think Advent instead.  Christmas is a like an expected guest with the bonus being that predictably Christmas arrives after the four weeks of Advent.  Those four weeks form a pattern repeated year after year with the second week representing Peace in the tradition I worship in.  Take a moment to sit peacefully for a few minutes this week and remember that the Christmas season is really a four week journey of hope and faith to a celebration that rocked the world.  I have included evidence that Kanti can sit peacefully, and if she can you can!  Peace be with you.