Putting the Run on the Coyote

Inevitably, as soon as I push the publish icon to post a blog something exciting and unusual happens on the swake.  Yes, folks the swake is not just a pastoral place of serene beauty where we relax in endless ease.  Periodically events unfold around us that leave us with adrenaline jumping around in our bodies and leave Kanti so pooped out that she falls asleep on her back, all four paws stretched out.

Within an hour of finishing the blog last week, I was busy with the Saturday stuff inside the house and lifted my head momentarily to glance out the window.  Kanti was raising a ruckus and I wondered if a deer was meandering through.  But it wasn't a deer that had her all worked up, it was a coyote.  A male coyote just the other side of the fence line.  You ask how I knew it was a male?  Well, the lifting of the leg to urinate gave the fellow away.  I've learned a thing or two living in the country.

After relieving himself, the coyote sat down with his back to Kanti, looking totally disinterested and bored.  Alas, his act was flawed because I could see all the hair on his back and neck standing straight up, a give-away that he was not truly disinterested.  Kanti had stopped barking and was just sitting on her side of the fence watching him, completely alert daring the impostor to cross the line.  We had a standoff unfolding on the swake.  So much for the Saturday stuff.

My concern was for Kanti's safety, and Greg was already on his way out the back door to call her in.  What we did not foresee was that Greg's movement out the door would startle the coyote into flight setting off a chain  of action.  Kanti turned toward Greg and started to come back to the house, then the coyote jumped and fled full tilt across the snow.  That flight was a trigger for Kanti, and she turned in an instant to give chase completely focussed on catching that coyote.

Both animals were in full flight, Kanti was quickly closing the distance while Greg was hollering and calling.  There is a meadow that adjoins our home, skirted by a forest of birch and pines.  The coyote was headed for the cover of the forest where he could easily lose Kanti, blending into the surroundings and hunkering down in his den.  Kanti gave him a good chase then decided that home was a better option so she circled back, and we were able to breathe easier again.  I think she was really proud of herself all day for putting the run on that coyote.

We were reminded that we live on the border of the wilderness with all its beauty and risks.  We saw first hand the interaction of the wild and the tame, and had a glimpse into the determination of our dog to protect her territory.  Seeing her stretched out running after that coyote, was amazing.  Her body, her senses, and her mind were all keenly in tune to be and do all that they were designed to do.  It was also frightening because we know that coyotes try to lure dogs from the safety of their homes and yards, and Kanti was running pell mell into God only knew what while we were helpless to intervene.

It made me think about whether we are living life safely within the fence line or whether we are fearless in taking on the things that might be a threat.  Taking on the coyotes in our lives is a bit scary but I'd encourage you to go for it.  Live this week fearlessly using every fibre of who you are so you can stretch out at the end of each day knowing you did well!