Absurd Surprises

There were so many moments and events this week that seemed like they might make good writing material.  Kanti rediscovered her swimming hole.  I saw a pair of lady's legs sticking out the back of a truck box in a parking lot.  There was a stretcher behind a projection screen in an auditorium and there were legs visible at the end where the blanket was turned back slightly.  A moose made a mad dash out of the bushes on the swake.  All week as these things kept unfolding, I wondered what was common to all of them and I realized that it was absurdity and surprise.

A dry excited Kanti was already a handful, imagine if you will a wet excited Kanti rushing to greet you on arrival.  Dogs grin you know and her grin gets even bigger when she has just finished a bout of frog hunting in the pond.  A wet Kanti dashes from the pond across the sand and then must be enticed to sit nicely in the garage while we try to dry her off before she can come in the house.  Her paws are the worst so I had thought it would be a good idea to train her to put her paws into a pail of water to clean them.  She only went along with that idea once and then she refused to come into the garage anymore until we made the pail disappear.  How absurd and surprising was that?  The dog who loves to play in the water refused to let us dip her gigantic paws into a small pail to swoosh off the sand.

From Kanti's paws to the legs I kept encountering in odd places, absurdity and surprise ran through my week like a theme.  There was a truck parked illegally, backed into a no-parking area and several people were stopping to look at it.  Their body language was tentative which sent me into a state of hyper-alert, I needed to know what's going on, but I was scared to look.  Visible in the back of the truck were a pair of lady's legs complete with navy pumps.  The rest of her was covered by a garbage bag.  Momentary panic set in as my brain struggled to compute what I was seeing.  About the same time the folks ahead of me began to breathe again, I noticed the metal rods coming out of her shoes.  She was a mannequin.  The guy on the stretcher behind the screen in the auditorium was a mannequin too, one of the medical variety that they use to train hospital staff.  But before I realized that, my brain went speeding through the possibilities and I created several stories almost instantaneously.  Although the reality was a bit crazy in both cases, the stories I envisioned were way more interesting than the reality.

Then there was the moose.  We haven't seen a moose for several months.  Tuesday, as we sat eating supper and surveying the swake, we noticed a huge bolt of brown leaving the brush at the edge of the marsh.  That bolt of brown was a moose on the run, out of the bushes across the far end of the swake and back into the willows on the south edge.  Full tilt.  It was all over in a matter of seconds, maybe a minute or two at the most.  There was nothing in pursuit, no visible evidence of whatever had sent the moose into a run.  Just another little life clip that surprised us.

That was the week in a nutshell, it raced by kind of like the moose on the run with twists and turns that were unexpected.  It was graced by amazing red sunsets caused by fires in the area.  Overall we were fortunate and grateful that the absurdities and surprises we met with left us laughing.