What's Next?

Somehow at this time of year the to-do list grows exponentially as if the extra hours of Alberta daylight are generating a limitless supply of energy that will support the accomplishments.  This morning the to-do list includes cleaning the house, making the guest bed, buying the groceries, and re-washing the two windows on the deck that look streaky in the late day sun.  Oh yes, and write the blog.  My expectations are that these tasks will be fully complete within the next five hours.  Is it doable or do I need to skinny back my expectations?

Spring increases my optimism along with my energy so I come up with even more projects to do.  There is a rain barrel to be installed, a square foot garden to be built, landscaping to be done, and a forest of tomato plants to be dealt with.  My projects often require Greg's help.  Like the rain barrel for instance.  It weighs quite a bit and the installation will be reliant on some basic knowledge of plumbing and drainage.  Then there is the square foot garden that will need lumber cut and power tools used safely.  Greg is really encouraging of my projects however, he draws the line at my use of sharp objects and especially sharp objects that require power to operate.  It would be a tropical day on the swake complete with palm trees and parrots, when he would suggest that I drive the skid steer and rearrange the landscaping.  That leaves the forest of tomato plants in their little pots camped out on every window sill in the dining room.  Remember there are lots of window sills and even more tomato plants.

I have become quite accustomed to shuffling the cookie sheets full of plants from chair, to windowsill, to island, and back depending on whether we need to free up chairs for guests, or wash windows because guests are coming, or clean the kitchen because we need to feed guests in a sanitary plant free environment.   As my mother would say, "oh dearie me".  Now the tomato forest is linked to the to-do list.  How does one make the magic happen in five hours?

The answer is not in the wringing of one's hands, it is in the doing of one thing at a time.  Picking a goal, applying oneself intentionally to the action required to make that goal happen; putting one foot in front of the other.  Sometimes to be successful we have to reassess the importance or the legitimacy of the list and skinny it back.  Maybe the deck windows don't really matter.  I'm pretty sure the guests are not coming to do a window inspection, so knock that one off today's list.  Food and a clean bed are probably the two highest priorities.  The blog's done.  What's next?