Life Collage

Apologies to those of you who look forward to pictures - due to technical difficulties I am posting without photos today.  I'll try again later this weekend to add the pictures.

There is a kaleidoscopic collage of ideas and images in my head today and I am challenged with how to put it into words for you to share.  The collage is a result of all that I have sensed for the last week or two, framed within the influences of a lifetime.  Work, play, and rest are all jumbled together into one concoction.

Words from speakers at an ethics conference collide with Greg's lament about that day in the future when Kanti won't be with us anymore.  Sightings of the geese walking their broods along the water's edge are over laid with the image of three generations of fathers at the dinner table.  The crunch of fresh peppery radishes straight from the square foot garden is awash with the rain on my cheeks as we dig and replant trees.  And early in the morning as the sun warms the earth the swake is enveloped in the scent of fresh mown meadow.

The words and images rattle around my brain morning, noon, and sometimes during the night.  During the day, I love that dynamic of sensing in overload and sifting through it all to understand the people and events I'm engaged in more completely or differently.  At night I hate it, I wish I had an off switch.

Contemplating the concepts of intrinsic and attributed dignity in the middle of the night just makes me cranky.  But thinking and talking about it during the day gets me excited.  I know some of you are rolling your eyes at this point, and Greg is wearing his little grin.  That bemused, indulgent grin that appears when I go off on things that are a bit too esoteric for him.

He helps to keep my feet on the ground and in the past week the ground yielded two pickings of radishes and enough green leafy stuff for several salads.  I am rather thankful for the cooler weather since it slows the growth of the salad fixings down a bit.  My little garden is sprouting enough to feed several families, so beware I am going to become the dreaded salad lady pleading with all visitors to please take some green leaves home.

Here's a toast for your week from the lady by the swake - As you experience the kaleidoscope of life may your radishes grow round and your lettuce find a home!