Otherwise Indisposed

Instead of blogging this weekend, I am going to be otherwise indisposed.  I am embarking on a gigantic experiment in writing and will be completely immersed in the International 3-Day Novel Challenge for the weekend.  Going camping last weekend for the first time in eighteen months was not traumatic enough to set me back on my heels, so I decided that I should put myself through another kind of wringer this weekend and try this crazy challenge.

I have no expectations other than that I will try very hard to complete the challenge and not to thoroughly embarrass myself by submitting something appalling.  But then you and I both will never know if it's appalling because I will not receive any feedback other than being designated the winner, or a runner-up, or a 'no response'.  Only I will know for sure whether I submitted anything at all or whether I simply locked myself in the office and played on the computer for hours on end.  I do however promise to relay whether there is a submission or whether I wave the white flag of surrender part way through and hit the deck with a libation in hand.

You can google the Challenge to get a sense of what I am taking on.  My theory is that there is nothing to lose except a weekend and possibly my pride, neither of which will be a problem if lost.  So depending on your level of faith you can either pray that words flow from my brain to my finger tips, or you can wish me luck.  Here goes!