All Questions

What if after reading this blog today you have nothing but questions from me and your own thoughts?  What if I fail to tell you an entertaining little story about Kanti or life by the swake?  How about if all I do is ask you questions?  Would you be okay with that?

Morning Light on the Swake
Do you sometimes suffer from the roll out of bed on the wrong side syndrome?  How many days is it okay for that to last?  What do you do when it lasts all week even if it is a short week?  Where do you look for those elements of daily thankfulness when your first waking breath seems tainted by disgruntlement?  How do you reconcile that most weeks you are truly thankful for all kinds of seemingly little things then the next week you have to intentionally think about what you are thankful for?

Are you able to sort through the stuff that other people will shovel your way that's really their stuff not yours and leave it alone?  How comfortable are you with setting the boundaries in your life both relational and professional?  Do you leave room for those you love?  Do you protect and nourish yourself, or will you wake up later with regret that you failed to take responsibility for your own physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs?

How do you mask and manage your own unsettled feelings so those around you are not drawn into a morass?  Where do you turn when you feel like you are stuck back in a spot where you have been before?  Do you wait it out and do the ten things that are supposed to increase your gratitude factor?  How's your guilt level when you are wallowing in the yucky stuff?  Does it rise exponentially every time your conscious mind thinks of someone in a truly impoverished or unconscionable position?

Where do you turn when you are cranky with the world and everybody in it?  Might a moment with God be helpful?  Would some music restore your soul?  Is it time to listen to something beautiful; to take five minutes to let your soul sing?

Banish the grumpies, begone!  Click the link, skip the ad and may your soul sing.   How Great Thou Art