Patterns & Meaning

On the edge of my desk amidst the midterms to be marked and the bills to be paid, there is another piece of work that has the word "jump" on it in big bold letters and a photo of a man wearing swimming trunks and boots who is doing an ungainly dive off a cliff.  During the day I have mingled with politicians, improvised through situations, and avoided photo radar.  That is a little bit of a collage of life this week along with some interesting characters I met along the way like the story catcher from the USA, a recreational poker player, and the two moose who crossed the road in front of me.

Sometimes, like this morning I wonder what to write about and then I am reminded that everyday is filled with bits and pieces, fragments of life to be woven together in words to create new pictures in the mind's eye.  Kind of like the art that I was distracted by during a Board meeting one evening recently.  There were quirky pictures on the wall with cowboys and oil rigs, mashed into one frame with lots of other Alberta symbols.  They were a mix of photography, painting, and drawing; like life a little messy and busy but incredibly interesting if you stopped long enough to realize there were a thousand little events going on within the one frame.  At first I was put off by the messiness but once my mind processed just a few of the parts and I realized that there were patterns and surprises in each picture I had a hard time focusing on the budget documents in front of me.  

This morning I woke up in the middle of a crazy dream with all kinds of patterns and surprises, after having slept in which rarely happens.  Lately I have been dreaming frequently and so have taken to writing the dreams down to try to understand the thoughts, which are driving my mind into overtime during the night.  The dreams aren't scary; they are just a series of patterns and surprises, a collage of life very similar to the way the days are going.  I will have to go and write down last night's dream before it slips from my memory.  There was an underground library and shelves and shelves of books in it, people I knew well and some I only knew as acquaintances.  The dream is like a kaleidoscope of images, forming and reforming in different colors.  Mysteries of the mind, the story of the night.

Now I must run away to watch the sunrise and get a haircut, you see I am late and the story of my day awaits.  Enjoy your day, watch for the interesting characters along the way, enjoy the patterns and surprises that will be landing all around you.  Give yourself the space to wonder and imagine, to question and to breathe.