Gone Camping

For the next two weeks we will be largely off-line while we take a break to recharge.  Last Thursday we left home in "the big unit" with fifth wheel in tow.  Yes, I reluctantly agreed to two weeks of camping as long as it was in the Okanagan and there was quick and easy access to wineries, golf and sunshine.  The swake was in good hands with full time care from the number one son and Kanti was staying on the swake to ensure no coyotes ate my crop of new carrots.  Everything had been accounted for.  As we growled down the highway which is what diesels do, you know, we talked about how long it had been since we had taken our last two week holiday, and our last two week camping holiday.

Since I have the good fortune to be married to the detail-guy, he was fully prepared with the answers. It's been two years since the last two week holiday,  and five years since the last two week camping holiday.  There have been all kinds of shorter wonderful excursions, and we certainly have had fun but I was a little astounded that it had been five years since the last two week camping holiday.  Living in the trailer while one builds a home does not constitute a holiday, but you can read those stories in the archives.

Yesterday as we prepared to hook up and pull out of Whistler campground we did what we have down hundreds of times in thirty-three years of camping.  We timed ourselves to see how fast we could be pulling out once we had made the decision to go.  I guess we have a bit more relaxing to do since we are still in get it done as fast as we can mode!  It took ten minutes from the moment we said "let's go" to the time we were sitting in the big unit maneuvering out of the campsite.  Everything was off the counters, the chairs were secured, things were turned off, and the trailer was hooked up.   We haven't lost our touch, but we probably should spend the next two weeks working on being okay with just being.