Relish Today

Today is relish day.  There are significant quantities of pickling cucumbers, peppers, onions, and jalapenos in the fridge waiting for me to alter their living state in the food processor.  A brand new jug of vinegar is retiring in the back beyond of the pantry and the mason jars are lined up on the counter.  A week ago the canning kettle was brought up from the storage room with good intentions; it has been sitting on a dining room chair like a guest at dinner ever since.

Last week I had intentions of making relish.  The ingredients were on hand, Greg was away golfing, and the timing seemed perfect.  Saturday morning I pulled everything out and found out that a couple of the peppers in the bag were past their prime.  That resulted in a trip to the store to buy more peppers.  Then it was too hot or too late in the day to start or I had another commitment.  Somehow the whole weekend went by and the relish didn't get made but I had fun anyway.

So all week those mason jars have mocked me from the counter.  I swear I can hear them whispering.  Are you too tired tonight to make relish?  Is it too hot tonight to make relish?  Are you ever going to make relish?  What's wrong with you, why haven't you made the relish yet?  Damn jars!  Who left them out on the counter anyway?

I did.  I left them on the counter to remind me of the fact that I have unfinished business.  I have some relish to make, not because I have to but because I want to.  You see, we discovered that this particular homemade relish is spectacularly yummy.  Once we tried it we were spoiled and the decision was made to abstain from purchasing the grocery store stuff ever again.  But this relish making is a bit of a commitment.

The produce must be at its best, you need a bit of equipment and the right jar sizes, and it requires that one have space in their day to get it done.  As I woke up this morning, I thought first about the relish making then about the blogging.  For a moment I thought about skipping the blog and just making the relish.

Then I realized that the relish making is like a good life.  Things go best when you are at your best and a variety of great things make for a great day.  So I am starting the day with the blog, then I will throw relish making into the agenda, followed by a bit of normal Saturday stuff, and we will finish it off by celebrating at a wedding.  It will be the kind of day to relish from start to finish.  Will your day be one you relish?