Fabulous Fall Day

As fall creeps onto the landscape the sun shifts in the sky causing the swake to light up differently from morning to night.  Early in the morning the sun casts a golden pinkish glow across the swake that rebounds off the changing colors of the leaves, and later in the day God paints the most amazing sunsets across our horizon.  One day last week the light was so wonderful that the camera kept getting called into action.  By day's end we had a series of photos to share with you.  They don't really do it justice but they will give you a sense of the beauty that sits right on our doorstep on the other side of our eyelids if we just stop long enough to see.  

Dawn Arrives
The fall light of dawn arrived gently on the swake accompanied by a few coyote howls and Kanti's response.  In the sunrise we saw the grace of God.

Late Afternoon Shadows
We all went about our business that day and when we returned home we were treated to the lengthening shadows and riotous colors of fall.  

Evening Glory
As the sun slipped into the west, a day that had started beautifully ended beautifully.

Today's a new day and as I type it is still dark outside and I wonder what this day will bring.  How will the sky light up today?  What beauty will be on my front stoop?  No matter what it brings, as the light touches the treetops across the swake I will be reminded again of how Your Grace Finds Me.  Where ever you are today, look up now and then to breathe in the wonder of grace.  Take a minute to breathe out praise.  Just breathe!