Authentic & Audacious Moments

Trust me.  For me those are two ridiculously scary words.  But this post will require that you go out on a limb with me and trust me.  The things I am about to tell you are true but I don't have photos as proof.  I saw some crazy things on our recent vacation, in fact they were nutty enough that I started keeping a list of the things I saw.  Actually there were several lists because I kept seeing things at inopportune times when the original list was not handy.  The whole list idea got out of control while deep in the creases and wrinkles of my brain I was wondering how to share the craziness with you.  It seemed appropriate to just offer up the authentic and audacious moments for your enjoyment; permitting your imagination to take over and recreate the scenes.

Imagine yourself on a two week vacation through beautiful BC.  When you travel you are seated in the passenger seat of a diesel truck.  You sit quite high and apart from the semis, you are able to see into most other vehicles without any strain.  Your visibility of the surrounding countryside and passing signage is pretty good.  When the vehicle stops you can still spot things whether you are on foot or at rest.  Generally you have a really good vantage point to see lots of different things, but the trick is to look for them.

Things I Saw on Holidays

  1. Goats for sale - I suggested we stop and buy one but my driver sped past, in fact I could swear we picked up speed.
  2. Two wild turkeys - the Thanksgiving kind, not my husband and his friend.
  3. Dog on a motorcycle - sitting between a man and woman and cruising down the highway with ears flapping in the wind.  If it hadn't been for the ears I might not have noticed.
  4. Rudolph on a sign - someone with a sense of humour had added a big red dot to the nose of the deer on the highway warning sign.
  5. Middle-aged man in socks and sandals - he got stopped at the trailer door for that fashion travesty.  Turns out he didn't take shoes along because he thought it was going to be warm.
  6. The biggest water bottle ever - modern day hippies drinking water from a one gallon jug while waiting for a ferry. 
  7. Grossest nose blowing - the male hippy placing a finger over one nostril and blowing the other onto the floor of his poor car - eeww.
  8. A dozen signs for the same road side stand - hand painted, small print, close together, right on the edge of the highway where you pass at 100 Km/hr.  I tried reading them out loud to the driver and we ended up laughing because it was impossible to keep up.  Cheap but ineffective.  I still don't know what they sell and we drove that same corridor several times.
  9. A VW van transformed into winery signage.
  10. Disconnected couple - in a pub, together, sitting facing each other, heads down, not talking to each other, overly connected online and totally disconnected in person. 
  11. Connected couple - same pub, very old couple, tottering down the steps to exit the courtyard, arm-in-arm and totally connected with one another.  They had to be.  If one fell they were both going down.  
Some of the things I saw made me laugh, some made me sad, and others like the nose-thing were just disgusting.  All of them were authentic and some were audacious.  I wanted to remember them all because disparate as they were they made up the patchwork of reality that we passed through on our little trek.   

Turn on your authentic and audacious moments radar today, and tell me what you see.