Prayers From the Magical Kingdom

  1. Please let the wait time be less than thirty minutes.
  2. Please don't let me die on the Thunder Express.
  3. Dear God, I am scared.  Why did you let me think this was a good idea?
  4. Dear God, why am I scared when there are eight year olds in line who are excited?
  5. Keep the cars on the track and the safety bar secure - by now I am skipping the niceties of please and the respect of dear.
  6. Sorry mum, you might want to quit reading at this point because my next heartfelt prayer was "holy shit".
  7. Thank you God. I am alive.  I only slid across the seat on that corner.  I didn't slide out of the car and hurtle into mid-air.
  8. I can breathe again.  I'm alive woohoo.
  9. Thank you God it's over.  
  10. Please make my legs work when they open the car door.
Within the space of an hour yesterday these were a sampling of the prayers that left my consciousness.  They wouldn't have qualified as the stuff of a sacred litany but they were real and gritty.  Yes they were offered up in one of the most controlled and artificial environments on our planet, one where entertainment is paramount.  However when you are strapped in that crazy little car careening around a corner you have to face the reality that you have placed your life in someone else's hands.  

For the few minutes you are in that car you place your trust in the manufacturer of the coaster and the folks who are responsible for its safety.  Life is often referred to as a roller coaster ride, and in some ways that has truth.  Lots of people walk around the park of life watching those on the coasters and wondering what it feels like to put your life in someone else's hands.  They wonder what it feels like to be fully alive and to trust that someone or some Being is taking care of them.  the danger is that if you are not living fully alive you are already half dead.  You are missing out.  

Don't miss out anymore, line up for your own life.  Commit to getting into whatever crazy contraption constitutes your life, sit down, start praying, and hang on.  God has your life roller coaster  safety codes up to date and He is waiting for you to begin praying the kind of gut wrenching prayers that come out involuntarily on the tight corners of life.  Have fun!  


  1. that was a roller-coaster ride of a post. Wonderful. Thanks. and have fun, eh?


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