Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day!

I was reading through the words to Oh Canada and was reminded of the preciousness of freedom.  The freedom conversation is important these days as we find ourselves caught in the quandary of trading infringement for supposed safety and convenience.  But that is not a blog topic, it's more likely a dissertation!  

However what I wanted to convey is that the lyrics of the anthem go back repeatedly to a country that is free.  Not just free, but strong and free, glorious and free, free, free, free.  Six times the word free is mentioned in the four stanzas.  Let's make sure as Canadians that we keep our country free.

This Canada Day consider the many freedoms you enjoy and think about making a promise to yourself to be informed and politically engaged in the various freedom versus safety debates that our country is undergoing.  Next time you sing the anthem go for the gusto on the lines about being free.  Being free is a glorious thing and far too easy to lose.  

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