Who or What Crossed Your Path?

We were rewarded with wildlife viewings this week.  I say rewarded because that is truly how it feels when you look out your dining room window to watch a bull moose lumbering through the yard with Kanti nipping at his heels.  Kanti alerted us to the moose visit with a few woofs.  When she barked we looked.  By Greg's estimation the moose was several years old with decent sized shovels - as in the bowl shaped portion of the antlers.  Kanti was diligently trying to do her dog duty by barking and chasing the strange visitors from the property.  We watched the drama unfold as the moose stopped, turned, lowered those large antlers and took a step towards Kanti.  It was a polite warning to back off.  Kanti is pretty intelligent and socially aware so she stopped yipping at him and just stood her ground.  We watched them have a stare down until the moose decided to continue with his Tuesday evening stroll.  Then he headed east past the front deck and into the clearing on Sunset Ridge.

In addition to the moose visit, Greg saw an owl and I had to stop for a coyote crossing as I left the driveway to head to the city for my human interactions.  When I stop to think about the wildlife we have seen, I sometimes wonder about what we have not seen.  What has gone past the window in the dead of night while we were sleeping?  What have we missed by not raising our eyes from the computer to look out the window?  

If you flip that thought to life and the people in your life, you could ask yourself a similar series of questions.  What interactions have you had with delightful people?  What have you missed because you were not attuned or failed to look? Was someone, something, or some thought nipping at your heels - and did you pay attention?  Last week I was reminded again of the importance of listening to the nudgings or what my mother-in-law calls the God-moments.  The wildlife and the humans who crossed my path served as reminders that there are great yet simple rewards for lifting your head and being fully aware.