Gift of Peace

After struggling for nearly two hours trying to put the gift of peace into writing, I am giving up.  That's not something I do easily but the gift of peace has me flummoxed.  When I tried to come up with descriptions of peace I kept finding myself on the other side of the discussion. It was far easier to describe what peace wasn't than to describe what peace was.

Think about it with me.  What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of peace?  No more war, no hate, no discrimination, no, no, no.  All of those 'no' descriptions are wonderful but they are all gigantic in scope.  I was challenged to think about peace on an individual plane.

I have had a few peaceful moments recently that have stayed with me.  My whole world was peaceful when I was sitting on the deck in the dark a few weeks ago star gazing all alone. Holding the newest grand baby while he slept was sheer peace.  I felt peace when I drove around the bend in the driveway through the pines and birch dusted with hoarfrost. Quietness and beauty were common elements to all my experiences of peace.  And that got me to wondering whether we all experience peace similarly.

When was the last time you experienced peace?  I don't mean world peace; I mean your own moments of peace. My prayer for you this week is that you are able to stop and experience peace long enough to recognize and name it as the gift it is.