Surprise! Howling can be good for your soul

Kanti was barking, Greg was laughing and another dog was howling.  They say mothers can identify their baby's cry; well the same is true of a dog owner.  There were two dogs involved in the noise I could hear upstairs and one certainly was not Kanti.  Within a minute the racket started all over again.  Then it got a little weird because Greg started howling along with the other dog while Kanti kept barking. The only thing I knew for sure was that I was missing out on some serious fun by remaining in the office working.

Suddenly the second dog's howling stopped.  The only noise I could hear was Greg howling and Kanti barking.  I started to wonder if what I had identified as fun was in fact sudden onset craziness.  Laughter punctuated the howling.  Greg was thoroughly entertaining himself.  I was becoming a little nervous that he might have lost it.  Overwhelmed by spousal concern or fear for my future, I'm not sure which; I set aside my work to check on him.

He was perched on a stool in the kitchen eager to share his source of fun with me.  A dog owner somewhere in the world had gone to the trouble of videoing themselves saying, "I love you" as their dog earnestly howled "Aah ruuuf you" back.  Greg reassured me his howling had been his attempt to get Kanti to mimic him.  Thankfully he hadn't lost it entirely.  But the video and the howling stuck in our heads all week and it kept popping up at unexpected times.

When Greg left for work he would break into an "Aah ruuuf you" howl after kissing me goodbye.  He howled at me and he howled at Kanti throughout the week.  It was a rather random affair.  One never quite knew when he would break out in howl or which of his favorite girls he would howl at.  It was slightly contagious.  It didn't take long until I was howling too.  Sometimes I howled back at him and sometimes I initiated the howling.  Kanti just wagged her tail, tipped her ears one way and then the other, and barked when the humans howled.

At one point I wondered how normal we were.  The moon was nearly full and we were howling.  What would happen when the moon was full? Had other people begun howling at their partners after watching that video?  Or was this the official confirmation that we were in fact weird?  Who gives a #$@?  I decided I didn't care.
Full moon by the swake - January 2016
If we are weird, so be it.  We are happy and sometimes a good dose of silly helps round the hard edges.  I dare you to howl, "aah ruuuf you" at someone you love this week!  A little fun and a bit of crazy are good for the soul.