Surprise coyotes like to play too

At the same moment Kanti broke into an attention getting bark, I spotted a movement in the trees north of the house.  It was so fleeting that I if Kanti hadn't been barking I would have questioned whether I actually saw something.  However, she was definitely on high alert and heading east in pursuit.  I thought it might have been a deer wandering past so I grabbed the trusty iPhone and ran for the bathroom.  That made total sense although I know it seems weird.  You see the bathroom window was the next possible vantage point where I might see whatever had been scampering through the woods.
Kanti & the coyote

There it was, a coyote having a bit of fun with Kanti.  I was hell-bent on getting the photo which meant jumping into the bathtub and climbing onto a ledge beside it.  I watched the adventure unfold from the ledge.  The coyote came close enough to give Kanti a thrill and then it would run back to safety on the other side of the electric fence.  Kanti alternately stood her ground or put the run on the coyote.  Both of their tails were wagging.  The coyote would stop his antics right at the wire.  He knew better than to come in too close as Kanti was double his size.

They went back and forth, posturing and teasing.  I was amazed at how the coyote seemed to know that the wire was somehow offering him some measure of protection from Kanti.  Then the coyote picked up the electric fence wire between his teeth and tossed his head back and forth.  He would drop the wire, pick it up, drop it again and back away. That part was not good.  If the coyote damaged the wire with his antics there would be some fixing to do.

The wire had been underground for five years and we replaced it last week. That rotten coyote was playing with the new wire, which we had strung last week above ground temporarily.  It was scheduled for placement in an underground trench today. Not a day too soon given the coyote's behaviour.  That critter knew exactly where to stop so that he was just out of reach of Kanti but still engaged in teasing her.  And he knew that the wire played a key role in that scenario.  I watched them as I phoned Greg to tell him what was transpiring.  His response was not suitable for publication in its full form.  Suffice to say he strongly suggested the coyote should meet its maker.

Checking out the line
I had a different reaction.  From my perspective the two creatures were doing okay, neither was in danger.  Kanti was easily able to hold her own if the coyote came too close.  The coyote knew he could escape beyond the wire.  I don't profess to be an animal expert but it certainly looked like they were teasing and playing with each other.  Kanti was as engaged as the coyote.  Neither was barking in a defensive way.  Their tails wagged freely when they pounced into their ready positions.  Whatever was transpiring was evenly matched.  I climbed down from the ledge, navigating the bathtub without embarrassment or injury.

The experience provided my recess for the day. It gave me an interlude in which I watched something quite unusual and amazing between two animals.  The climb into the bathtub and on to the ledge were almost the equivalent of some serious playground fun. It was spontaneous. It provided me a few minutes of recreation in the midst of an intense workday, and it felt good.  It was my recess time.  I enjoyed the pleasure and richness of watching two animals interacting.  If you haven't been following the recess blogs, go back and check them out.  They have been posted over the last three weeks along with the recess challenge.

Whenever you take a recess, post a picture on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using the hash tag #recesstime along with at least one word that describes how you felt about your recess. Tag me so I can begin to gather the info.