Surprising grace abounds

The auditorium was filling up quickly with parents, students, colleagues, family, and friends.  We were waiting to participate in the roasts and toasts to a twenty-eight year career with Covenant Christian School. It was a night to celebrate Gayle Monsma's work and to send her on her way to a new career adventure with Prairie Centre for Christian Education.  We did what Monsma's do well.  We dressed up, we showed up, we laughed, cried, and then we had a party!  The little ode below is for you Gayle.  A simple tribute to your God-given gifts and your love of using your gifts for kingdom building.

We were having a stare down the keyboard and I
While my fingers lay idly between.
Ideas rumbled past, up down, and around
As I waited for clarity to resound.

Would it be the roast or the toast or the one with the most?
What story was waiting to be seen?
Ideas rumbled past, up down, and around
As I waited for clarity to resound.

Fingers hunted and pecked, threading thoughts from the brain
While the heart set the mood for the scene.
The roasts and the toasts were offered with glee
It was the love and respect we could see.

Boss, leader, principal. Little sister, and friend
Memories of some of the things you have been
Were on show last night, and being rewound,
In a setting where grace could abound.

Mouse catcher, teacher, and child. Was it all that you dreamed?
Or were tongues frozen to flag poles routine?
Threads woven between the roasts and the toasts
Told a tale of life where grace came to roost.

It's not over yet though.  You have much more to do.
Children everywhere are relying on you!
C-E-O of world education,
May abounding grace be your life narration!