How my perfect day surprised me

About a year ago I participated in the The Freedom Plan with Natalie Sisson.  One of the exercises was to write down the details of what I would consider a perfect day.  I have to confess that I wasn't too convinced it was a good use of my time.  But I had paid for the course so I was going to participate and give it a good go.

What happened surprised me.  I found out that my days already had many of the components of goodness that would qualify as perfect for me.  There were a few things I wanted to add to my life and I did.  So when Natalie issued the challenge today for the Day 3 blog, I was ready - kind of.  This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3.

A perfect day starts free of alarms.  Who needs their adrenalin going before their feet hit the floor?  The very first stop in my perfect day is an armchair in our living room where I spend some precious time in meditation and journaling.  Next stop is the kitchen for some breakfast.  With the mind and body fuelled its time for the work.  Work is punctuated by brief recesses outdoors with our pooch to get some steps in.  The steps and the fresh air refuel my body and brain. My perfect integrated work and life day includes time to recharge the spirit, the mind, and the body.  It invites learning and delight in the world around me and leaves me feeling complete.  

Although I balked at doing the exercise a year ago, it was rewarding and it inspired me to carve out spaces in my day for mediation and journaling on a regular basis.  And, it was a wonderful reminder of the richness of my life.  For that I am grateful.


  1. My perfect day starts like yours, Joy: no alarm, and quiet time either in my armchair or at the dining room table looking out at the yard. Breakfast happens when I am hungry, not when someone serves it to me. It would--should--include a walk in the woods. And if I do not have any commitments, then the perfect day would be time spent in creative challenges in my studio. But I do like commitments, too, occasionally: meeting friends for lunch, going out to the quilt guild or writing group, a class of some sort, get togethers with the family or friends. I think my perfect day would have to include some quiet time at night too, with a book. And some snuggling with the RS. I have lots of pretty close to perfect days!


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