Wobbly Warrior Willpower

The voice from the computer suggests I should go into Downward Dog pose, breathe in, and lift my left leg to Downward Dog Split.  These are the dog days of January when I once again try to exercise my warrior willpower to set and accomplish goals.  They are the days when I am upside down glancing through the French doors of my office to see Kanti looking back at me.  Her doggie eyebrows raised, head on both paws, eyes locked on me, as she wills me to either abandon the insanity or go for the gusto.  I'm not quite sure how to interpret her look, although she is giving off a distinct air of concern.

She is on one side of the closed doors and I am on the other; maybe she is concerned about being able to rescue mum if the whole yoga dog thing goes south.  I collapse on the mat laughing at her expression.  After recovering from the giggles and catching up with the video, I try Warrior pose.  As I listen to the lovely, lithe, sing-songy voiced lady on the video, it occurs to me that I am a very wobbly warrior.

Wobbly warriors are quite normal, we just don't hear about them very often. Wobbly warriors are the ones who try, over and over, day after day, and year after year.  We are all wobbly warriors whether we realize it or not.  Being wobbly means we don't quite have something mastered, but we are trying.  It means we crash over now and then, landing in a bone crushing, soul-sucking mess of self-doubt.

Downward Dog - Kanti Style
I crashed over a couple of times last week, figuratively and literally.  One of my significant crashes involved words.  I have struggled with words for years.  They have been a wonderful gift filling the screen with stories and thoughts, and a huge liability when breathed without care and thought.  Words that were thoughtless came flying out of my mouth last week.  The hardest part was realizing my thoughtlessness had hurt someone else.

As hard as it was to be reduced to the heap of self-recrimination and doubt, it was harder to remain there than to battle back.  Sitting in that muck was not going to remedy anything.  Battling back was my best option.  Whether we battle back from a disastrous foot in mouth situation or struggle to maintain a yoga pose, at least we are trying.  So where does that leave us all with the January epidemic of thou must have goals in order to breathe and enjoy 2017?  Well, I have decided that I am okay with being a wobbly warrior on the willpower front.

Michael Hyatt, says there is a science to setting goals.  He suggests we need to have stretch goals but our goals shouldn't overwhelm us. Whatever we aim for, we need to have a little bit of the warrior thing going on, as well as a touch of the wobbly.  I know that's not very scientific but I think I might be onto something.  If you have set goals for yourself make sure you are feeling a little warrior-like and a little wobbly.  That's the sweet spot where you will achieve and where you will be reduced to the rubble of self-doubt.  Notice the 'and' in the last sentence and don't be discouraged when you land in the rubble.  Pick yourself up, do the damage control internally and externally, and zero in on your warrior willpower.  Remember, your willpower hasn't left you, it's just a bit wobbly and the more you exercise it the stronger it will get.  Try again, and again, and again.  Live your best days to make the most of your life.  Can I hear an amen from all my fellow wobbly warriors out there?