Are you having fun?

There's real life, yoga, and improvisation.  When the three collide on the floor at five-thirty in the morning you have creativity in action.  There's a quote by Einstein that I have been sitting on for a while.  Not literally of course although that might result in a whole new level of creativity if I tried it.  Einstein said "Creativity is intelligence having fun."

I was stretched out on the floor trying to do a pose on my back with my legs up in the air.  Although it was fun, there was nothing graceful about it.  Then the lady on the screen said I needed a yoga block under my bum.  I surveyed my office and there weren't any yoga blocks in sight.  The closest I could get were the words "yoga blocks" written on my whiteboard amidst the project plans and various inspirational quotes.  But words on a whiteboard don't translate into the hard item so I had to improvise.

Creativity is at its peak when you have to improvise.  I glanced around, not deterred by the fact that the words on my whiteboard had been there for a couple of years.  They were part of a list of gift ideas if anyone ever wanted to ask me what I wanted to receive.  Alas, I hadn't ever told anyone there was a list on my whiteboard so I never received the yoga blocks but I did have several shelves of books.

There on the shelf was the answer.  Intelligence told me it would most likely work.  Creativity demanded I try using the eight-pound set of books bound in a hard leather-like covering which were the approximate width of a yoga block and the height of two blocks stacked.  Precisely what the lady on the screen called for.  I had a moment of doubt, wondering what Dr. Mikel J. Harry, a thought leader of Six Sigma, would think of me using his books to rest my hips on while I did yoga.

Once I got past the possible inappropriateness of using Dr. Harry's life work as a resting place for my bottom, I began to process the value of having to improvise.  When we improvise are exercising our creativity.  That demands intelligence and depending on the situation it can certainly generate some fun or at the least a few laughs.

We all have intelligence to some degree or other, therefore we must have the ability to be creative.  If those things are true, then it follows that no one can claim to be void of creativity entirely.  You may not be sculpting like Michelangelo, or demystifying quantum physics, but you have grains of creativity in you.

If creativity is intelligence having fun, we need to spend more time having fun. Imagine the benefits of improvising, and tapping into your intelligence and creativity.  You might find yourself repurposing intellectually dense books as yoga blocks, or reframing your life work so you recognize the fun.  Don't stop at improvising, make sure you follow through.  I went and bought yoga blocks for myself.  However it plays out for you, strive for creativity in action.  Let your intelligence have some fun.