Croatia, here we come with stories

Long and short, I am off to Croatia today to participate in the first ever, DisruptHR Croatia.  I have worked on my talk for a few months. My presentation comes out of a personal life-lesson on failure and it has taken a while to get it to the stage where I think I can offer some insights that might help others.  Even the last statement makes me nervous, maybe I have no insights.  

Riffing off Brene Brown, I have been wandering in the reckoning of my story for several years.  This opportunity to present will be my chance to rumble with it publicly and to reframe it into a revolution that encourages us to see leaders as people instead of people as leaders.  It's a shift in perspective that makes room for grace.  

We all need others to be gracious now and then, no matter our position. I am trying to learn to be gracious more often than not, instead of only now and then.  I have come to understand that people are a complex mess of cells, experiences, ideas, and energy.  The people I work with and for, are not just workers, they are parents, siblings, spouses, friends and yes sometimes a pain in the ass, just like me.  The gist of my talk is we need to get over our mythical ideas about leaders and be willing to see one another as multi-faceted individuals.  When we get to the point of seeing one another through different prisms or at least understanding there are other angles, we are able to take the hard edges off with a touch of grace. Where there is grace, there is opportunity for kindness and creativity to flourish.  Who would turn down that opportunity?  

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