Look in the rear-view and laugh

I was on my way to meet a client when I did something I have done a million times.  I glanced in the rear view mirror to check traffic behind me.  The rear-view mirror check was instilled in me a long time ago at my first driving lesson.  Taking a peak in the rear-view periodically was part of the defensive driving routine designed to keep you alive and well.

My glance in the rear view revealed something incongruous on my head.  My thoughts careened off the inside of my skull rapid fire.  What the heck?  Why was there something yellow on my head?  A roller.  Oh, dear God.  How embarrassing would it have been to arrive at my client with rollers in my hair?  Thank God I am on a country road and not the highway.  Fewer people to see my state. Only one vehicle has passed me.  How fast can I pull over?  I can't believe I left home like that.  There's a safe spot to pull over.  Do I have time for a photo?  Crap someone is coming.  This will make good blog material.  Can I get the rollers out before another vehicle passes me?  Whew.  Rollers are out.  The cup holders have turned into roller holders. Maybe if I hold my phone up they will think I stopped to take a call and won't realize I stopped to take my rollers out.

 Safely parked on the side of the road with my rollers stowed in the cup holder, I laughed, hard.  I imagined myself arriving at my client's office with the rollers on my head.  I would have been mortified a few years ago and wouldn't have admitted my miss to anyone.  Appearances mattered.  At least that was the bull of goods we were sold.  The bill was bull and it has cost us.

We have expended tremendous amounts of time and energy trying to fool ourselves and everyone into believing the myth we were competent and perfect, and nothing untoward ever happened to us.  When mishaps happened, we kept them secret.  We all missed out on the opportunity to learn and laugh.

 Life has a way of presenting reminders of our humanness, our less than perfectness, our folly.  Sometimes those reminders are funny enough to share, and I hope we made you smile.  The world needs a little more laughter and we all need to stop taking ourselves quite so seriously.

I'd rather laugh than cry, how about you?