One dead battery, one hero

Three breaths past the anaesthesia threshold, minus one broken tooth, and wearing the tremendously attractive plastic bib they put on him after he woke up, Greg's sense of humour was still in tact.  The nurse was trying to run through her post-op routine.  We were not her easiest clients of the day.  I was guilty of doing my chop-chop routine on her, which was cringe worthy the instant it left my lips.  Greg was cracking one-liners about how devastatingly sexy I was going to find him after he got his new implants.  Then my mouth opened again with a retort about the kind of implants I might get, and they weren't dental.

Poor gal, didn't know where to look or how to respond.  But I was okay with that because Greg was laughing and cracking jokes.  That meant he was going to be okay; if he was okay then I was okay.  She soldiered on, pushing through her twenty minute litany of thou shalt and thou shalt not.  Then she tied the ice bag around his head with a ridiculous knot on top.  If sexy had been lurking anywhere nearby, it left the neighbourhood.

We set out to pick up the prescriptions and he ripped the bag off his head as we left the parking lot.  Swelling and bruising be damned.  One of the instructions was to not leave him unattended for twenty-four hours, but another instruction was to get the prescriptions on the way home.  I left him alone in the car while I went into the store to get the medication.  During that time, somehow, the battery in the car was drained and I returned to a dead vehicle that wouldn't start and a husband that was still a bit woo-hoo.  Meanwhile my chop-chop day was coming apart at the seams.  We were going to have another delay in my ability to get work done.

Just imagine with me.  My go-to guy for all things mechanical, was not making a whole lot of sense and getting really cranky with me in the Costco parking lot post surgery. I whipped out my trusty AMA card and made the call.  Meanwhile, we did a little role-reversal and called our son to come rescue his parents.  If Greg had been fully sober, I would never have managed to get him to leave me and a dead vehicle in a parking lot.  But he was three sheets to the wind, and he didn't even argue when I told him to get in the car with Matt and go home.  At the time, all I wanted was to get him out of there because he was making me nuts and I was slightly worried about him.  Yes there was a touch of compassion amidst the selfishness.

It's been over fifteen years since I last made an AMA call for help, and I can tell you that I was very thankful for that membership yesterday.  I made the call thinking I needed a tow truck.  They put that in their system, then within minutes they phoned me back and said they would send a battery guy over first if I wanted because they figured the battery had been run down.  By then Greg was safely on his way home with Matt, so I opted for the battery guy first.  My hero, Brent, showed up.  Long grey hair in a pony tail, friendly demeanour, and long jumper cables.  Within two minutes he had the engine going.  Yesterday my membership was worth it.

Sometimes, when it is time to renew a membership like that I wonder if I should.  When one doesn't use it for emergencies for years at a time, it is hard to remember the value.  We do use it for other things through out the year but the primary reason I have kept it, was in case I was ever stranded and my reliable go-to guy, the one who is going to be devastatingly sexy with his new dental implants, wasn't available.  Yesterday, that guy was out of commission and I was grateful for my hero, Brent - the battery guy - from AMA!