When the view is good enough, stop and rest

The trail was a combination of ancient rock stairs and patches of loose uneven rock.  A series of steep switchbacks, one after another, led to the top of the mountain overlooking Kotor, Montenegro.  I made it part way up the mountain and decided to sit and wait while the others completed the hike to the top.  It was a decision that required swallowing my pride, but it was the right decision for that day.
Montegero 2017
There was a large rock just the right size for sitting at the corner of the trail.  From that vantage point I could people watch, take photos of the view which was spectacular, guard extra backpacks that my group left with me, and have a rest.  The people watching proved quite interesting.  All sizes, shapes, and physical abilities passed by.  Some stopped to have a break and greeted me.  Others were arguing with their companions as they turned the corner near me, seemingly oblivious to my presence.  One spouse was angrily accusing the other of trying to kill them with this hike.  I  had to bite my lip.

Those climbing up were huffing, puffing, and sweating profusely.  The folks who were descending were no longer huffing and puffing, but you could tell whose knees or hips were giving them trouble by how tentatively they placed their feet.  I began to assess the feet that were passing by.  It was eye-opening.

Heavy leather boots, runners, flip flops, flimsy sandals, hikers, the array of foot wear was a varied as the people wearing them.  I wondered what they had been thinking when they set out to climb a steep, loose rocky trail in flip flops?  
I don't know what if any rationale people applied to choosing footwear for their activities that day.  What I do know is everyone of us at some point is ill-equipped and unprepared for the things life dishes out.  But it's okay.  One foot in front of the other, one step at a time, we can climb the mountain.  I could have made it to the top that day, it just would have taken me longer than the rest of our group.  I would have had to take more rests to catch my breath.  I would have had to be very patient with myself and I would have had to be my own best encourager.  The view from my vantage point was still beautiful even though I wasn't at the top.

Choosing to wait it out, was a good decision for me that day.  I needed the time to sit and think.  There was a spectacular view I wanted to soak in.  I knew if I finished climbing, I would have accomplished a physical feat but I would have missed out on the moment and the place.  Every ounce of energy would have gone to the climb. Sometimes we need to stop moving so fast, find a rock to rest on, ponder life, and enjoy the scenery.  There is a sweet spot where the view is good enough.  When you reach it, make sure you stop and rest.