Backing into life

The grandsons pulled books from the basket.  With their books gripped firmly in their hands they surveyed the adults sitting in the room.  One little guy went one way around the coffee table, GG was the targeted reader.  The other, crossed the room on a mission to get to his Poppa.  There was no conversation to determine who went to whom.  They just seemed to decide and go.

Past the dogs, around the trucks and LEGO scattered on the floor, they were mini-men on a mission.  There were stories to be read and cuddles to be had.  Young-uns like to hear the same story over and over and over, which is about two overs past most adults tolerance level.  Our grandsons each enjoyed their story, slid down from the lap of the reader and took the same book with them to another adult in the room.   Problem solved.  They could have the same story read again by someone else.  The same story twice in a row within minutes, that’s heaven for a kid.

Their methodology was fascinating.  They didn’t ask if the targeted adult would read to them.  They simply picked their reader, walked to them, turned around and backed up into the reader’s legs until the designated adult reached out, picked up the toddler and sat them on their lap.  A wordless exchange based on absolute trust by the children that any adult in the room that evening would lift them up, cuddle them, and read the story again.  It made me happy to watch it but it also made me question if I ever just back up into anything in my life with that same assurance and certainty.

I think we lose certainty every time life or people let us down, and as adults we begin to take pride in going into everything with our eyes wide open.  Being aware and cautious isn’t bad.  A healthy dose of caution keeps us alive and prevents us from being used and abused. Maybe the secret is to live carefully, eyes wide open, while taking care to nurture relationships that provide the safety and certainty you need to be able to just back in.  After watching the boys backing in that night, I knew I want to have safe havens that I can bac into as well.