Joy comes in the morning

I slept very little last night.  Mostly I worried, prayed, and tossed around.  It seemed to fit the thought fragments that followed me around last week as I pondered the approaching Advent week of joy.  The fragments ranged from abundant joy to tentative joy.  Some of my thoughts were tinged with doubt and a residue of sadness. Psalm 30:5 hung about, "One may experience sorrow during the night, but joy comes in the morning."
We were waiting last night.  We waited and tried to sleep, with both ears attuned to the phone for news.  Finally at 3 a.m. the waiting was over and the text we had been waiting for lit up the screen. The newest grand child - yes I did that on purpose - every single one of them is grand, arrived, whole and healthy at 1 a.m. with strawberry blonde hair.  A few weeks ago, I said to Greg, "I bet she's a red head with a fiery personality."  Nana, called it!  At least the red head part.  We will have to be patient and get to know her.  She might be fiery or not.  It really doesn't matter.  The joy will be found in getting to know who she really is and encouraging her to be her happiest best self, every single day.  This morning my soul sings Christmas Alleluia. Welcome to this world, little girl.